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The Ghost Hunters Scotland team members consist of a mixed group of professional paranormal investigators. Some are believers and others are more sceptical.

Our talents range from technical knowledge, historical research, demonology, research and psychology, to the all-important ranges of psychic abilities. Either way - and whatever our beliefs - we all enjoy investigating suspected haunted locations at every opportunity.

After our first ghost hunt in July 2003, we have now completed over 100 investigations! During this time, we have encountered a whole multitude of paranormal activity including clear EVP recordings and visual anomalies captured on film. Seeing is believing and so we have invested heavily in our equipment in order to explore the invisible light fields. We use a custom built camera to investigate the ultraviolet part of the spectrum to which we have recorded some rather obscure footage of light anomalies which do not appear alongside cameras which have recorded in infrared light or modified full spectrum cameras.

We hope to upload some of this footage and share our experiences with you you soon using our new website and forum, but for now please follow us on FACEBOOK…